If you are interested in creating a Lego custom mosaic, you have come to the right place.  First, head over to the contact link and send me an email with a picture attached. There are no restrictions on the picture, any size is fine, however the larger sizes will be compressed more to fit on a standard Lego board. You have 2 choices of size.

How long will my mosaic take to make? It depends on how large your picture is and which size you choose, but on average your mosaic will be ready to ship to you within 3-4 weeks. Shipping might then take another week.

How can I order? First, send me an email from the contact link with a picture of your choice and your size choice. I will look at the picture and send you back one in grayscale pixilated. If you think this picture would be good to make into a mosaic, then I will continue and your mosaic will be finished within 3-4 weeks. Once it’s finished, I will send you an email and post it in my bricklink store (http://www.bricklink.com/store.asp?p=Spy_Black) and you can buy it from there.

What if I don’t have a bricklink account? Unfortunately, at this time you must have a bricklink account to order from my store. I am working on adding an order form straight into this site, but it is not completed yet. However making a new account is straight forward, easy and free. Simply go to www.bricklink.com and click on the link that will make you a new account.